New MagKnits!

Thought you might like to know that new patterns are up on! I love that tunic thingy on the front page. :inlove:

Okay, this is the new one? Because my email had www.magknits/oct05 of which it wouldn’t display. So, it’s actually the Sept. issue that is new?!

Huh, no it’s the October issue. You might have to refresh your page after going through the direct link. Or try this:

I got the same one, I was confused bc it reads Sept '05 to the left and wasn’t sure if I had completely missed the sept issue and there was another out. Thanks :smiley:

Yeah, I’m not sure they have their website all set up right. And I don’t know why the October issue would come out after October’s almost over, but oh well!

I’m just happy that the new one’s up…I love online knitting mags…I really love Southern Cross Knitting mag! That’s where I found my custom fit fingerless glove pattern and they have ever so cool loopy mittens & mittens with buttons on them…cool :sunglasses: stuff :thumbsup:

Hi Mer,

I’m trying to find the chart for the Durrow sweater in the Oct issue of Magknits. Do you have it? Is there any errata or addendum page for this issue?

That sweater is really pretty, and just what DS wants for Xmas, but I can’t do it without the celtic knot chart :crying:

Hope you can help! :thumbsup:



Mary…have u googled ‘celtic knot knitting charts’…u may find it then!
[color=red]EDIT[/color] Okay, I just googled it and found this page of various knot charts…perhaps yours is here!