New LYS In Atlanta!

I know there are several Atlanta area knitters on here and I wanted to let you know of a new LYS I checked out today - It’s called Knitch. It’s located in Virginia Highlands in a great space on St Charles Avenue. It’s a fabulous shop and the owner there is incredibly nice & helpful. The walls are fully stocked with yarn and there’s a large table with chair and a large sectional in the rear where you can stop in and knit a while. They have a schedule full of classes and are open 7 days

a week!
I just :heart: :heart: :heart: this place! It is in my opinion - the best LYS in Atlanta!
If you’d like to check out online…

And…or course I made a purchase - a little Noro Kureyon for the stash, a skein of Trekking for some socks for my DH, and Atacama - Hand dyed Alpaca- because I couldn’t stop petting it!

Knitwit–I love you!!! Thanks for posting this…I’ll have to make a trip there immediately!!! One of these days…we’re going to have to get together for a little knitting and chatting to get to know each other! :slight_smile: Thanks for the link to the website too!

Cristy- You’re welcome! Let me know when you are going to go- I’d love to meet you there and say :waving: My office is walking distance from there, I think I am going to have to start leaving my wallet at home!

I certainly would have to leave my wallet if I worked that close!! Is there a day that is better than others for you? I was thinking of coming up for one of the Friday night complimentary group gatherings/social knitting (or whatever they called it). I’m not an overly social person but I don’t think it’d kill me…:slight_smile:

btw…were you once a member of the southsidesnb–my snb group that meets in McDonough? your email address, if it’s indicative of your name, looks familiar…

Thanks for the great info! I live in Birmingham, and we love to venture over to Atlanta for a fun weekend with the kids. I will have to keep the shop’s address handy :wink: .

Lately you’ve posted a big sale and now a new yarn store? Do you realize what you’re doing to us?

It is good to know about another shop though, I’m afraid my closest yarn store is only on the fair side. They seem nice and knowledgeable enough, but the yarn is really not my type. Too many novelties, not enough real wool! They are also relatively new. I think they are experimenting with which lines to carry, so they have a little bit of everything, but not a full line of anything.

When I saw this picture, I knew it was my type of place. There is just something about those beautiful yarns lined up in a drawer.

Kids start school soon. I think I can drop in and be back to Marietta before 1:00 carpool :smiley:

Cristy- It’s ME!! Yes, I was in the southside group for a short time- I used to live off of Camp Creek & Butner - it felt more like no mans land than Southside though! We sold the house and moved to an apt in Marchvwhile we’re waiting for our new house to be finished.

Re getting together, Friday’s are the hardest day for me, I pick my DH up from the airport - he travels extensively for work so that would be the only day that would be a challenge - BUT if there’s another day/night maybe the we(You, Me, ProjectGal & any other ATL area knitters) could go check the shop out and grab a snack at Belly, Neighbors or Hand in Hand (all on the same street as the shop)

ProjectGal- I’m just trying to keep the economy strong :smiley: The tent sale was good, but it was sooo hot in the parking lot it made it hard for me to really spend time and look. I did score some nice yarn though.

:shock: Oh my! Many, many thanks for the info about a new LYS! :happydance: I had been sticking to Whole 9 Yards as I just love that shop but… I am always open to new stores! :wink: I’m up in Marietta but a new store is worth the drive into town. Heck, :thinking: I’m thinking lunch at Murphy’s and then a visit to the yarn store might be just what I need about now.

I have been mostly missing since May because :shock: my a/c died and has only just been replaced - it’s been so hot in my house. :frowning: Too hot to even knit.

I think a get together would be super fun and hope you’ll keep everyone posted if you decide to go for it! I would find a way to escape the madness that is my home for that! :heart:

Hey Knitwit–sorry it feels like nomans land out here–we now meet in McDonough and Fayetteville…this area is just home to me so I love it regardless! Camp Creek (to me) isn’t very “southside” but it’s close! LOL! Well good luck w/ your house being built and I could certainly work a different day than Friday–it was just a thought b/c dd generally spends the night with the grandparents on Fridays so I’m free. I could do any day except for Monday and alternating Tuesdays. maybe a Wednesday or Thursday would be best…and grabbing food sounds good too–being pregnant, I can never turn down food! LOL! I work for the school system down here and go back to work next week but I’m off in the afternoons, most of the time by 4:00 (sometimes 3:30 if it’s a quiet day). Maybe we could plan for a few weeks out–end of August maybe, on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday evening. I don’t know who all lives down here but I can just start a thread in a week or so and whoever is interested can join in. Send me a pm when you get time and let me know some dates that might work for you!

I feel a get together coming on!!!
Of course we already know where we’ll get out knit on.
Now we just need to figure out nibbles and a date!
Here’s a great site to check out the restaurants … it’s missing a few but it’s a good place to get started.

I love every restaurant in that area…I used to eat at Murphys religiously when I was in college and I LOVE harvest (is that still there?!)

I’m open to anything…

Unfortunately, Harvest is closed. The parking lot next door has been sold to developers and they are putting a mixed use condo building with a 4 story parking garage there.

:shock: That is just so wrong. :verysad: In my pre-kid days I spent a great deal of time in that area and just love it.

I told my DH about the new store and he said, “So when are you going down there?” :heart: He’s so sweet! Please keep us posted 'cause I’d really love to meet some of you there and knit and talk and stuff! I actually haven’t been allowed to go to a yarn store since 3 Dog Knit closed 'cause :oops: I got a little carried away. But I’ve been given a reprieve since this is a NEW store! :happydance: Keep us posted and I’m free any night except Wed. Say the word and I’d do my best to join in!

There’s nothing like a new yarn store and food to rally the knitters together. Sounds like fun! I’m up for any night, but on Tuesday, August 22, I start a few classes and Tuesdays evenings will be out at that point for me.

I haven’t been to Virginia Highlands in a while. Yes, it was pre-kid, pre-mini-van, pre-one salary household! I wonder if I can still make my way there. I might need a few drinks to bring back my memory of the place!

I would second the drinks but since I’m all fat and waddly from the impending child…I’ll have to pass on that one…but again…any kind of food sounds great. Knitwit and I are getting the details together…look for an announcement on this thread later this evening! :slight_smile:

I wonder if I can still make my way there. I might need a few drinks to bring back my memory of the place!

Not too much has changed! I can’t think of any “new” places there for food/drinks that have opened in the last year with the exception of Food 101. Which, sadly, I can’t go back to. It’s a long/sad story that will have to wait until we get together !!