New Knitty is up!

What do you think?

i think you were mean not to link it so i didn’t have to type! :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah i ain’t linkin’ it either then! hmph

hehe (it seems i may be bratty today)

i am more than a little amused by the sock monkey hat! and while i didn’t have a lot of time to look, this one looks like the most interesting one i have seen in a while! i give it a :thumbsup: so far!

Love all the socks and fingerless gloves. But I can’t bring up half the articles. Obviously, there’s a lot of traffic.

I wonder what my boss would think of the monkey sock hat for christmas??? :rofling:

I can’t see the new patterns. I still see spring of 06.

ctmax, try deleting your cookies and going again.

I particularly like the sock monkey hat, dancing lady socks, maze, manresa, swell, and perdita. That is alot of knitty for me to particularly like in one issue, so kudos!

My knitpicks (hee) are:

  1. Bad frontpage choice. I believe I saw wristwarmers just like that at craftster quite some time ago, and there have been plenty since. They are pretty, but no unique…and I expect knitty to live up to the unique bar that they have set for themselves in the past.

  2. Wings? really?

  3. The Lanacau “sandals” are not my style, and I normally wouldn’t say anything, but no way can those be worn outside. You could get some suede and sew it on the bottom and that would be accurate, but as is, no way.

I’m already printing out some patterns to start for Christmas gifts. :slight_smile:

i am LOVIN’ on the concept of the knucks but that is a LOT of instruction for my little brain to be able to deal with. i tend to get distracted in the middle and forget to follow along when there is that much instruction!

There are prolly sooooooo many people trying to gete a good look that it slows down loading. You know how us knittin folk get when the new Knitty is up. I think I’ll just wait till later today

Here’s my honest opinion of the latest knitty - and I might be alone in my thoughts…

This is a rare event for me in the world of knitting, but I am going to complain! :o Usually, knitty has at least a couple of patterns that I would knit (I just knit Katja from the last issue.) Not this time! I thought this was the summer issue - why all the winter hats?! Socks can be knit during any season of the year, so the sock patterns are OK to include. But, winter hats, muffs, and bleeping angel wings that only a loony or a Victoria’s Secret model would wear? :mad: Come ON!!! :fingerwag:

Have you tried clearing your cache or deleting temporary internet files? You could also try holding down the shift key while you click “Refresh”.

eeeehhhh… nothing for me there again. :rollseyes:

lol i usually think that about most of the Knitty stuff…usually just to weird for me or just too much work for me (seriously i am the world’s laziest knitter!..more than 3 instructions and i am out! :wink: )

i never paid much attention to when the patterns show up and the seasons and all that but i would think it is kind of like why we are finding fall and winter stuff in the stores now. time to start knitting it in order to be done by the right season? works out well in my head anyway…(that shouldn’t be reassuring to anybody! :rofling: )

Nothing all that exciting pattern-wise, but I will say I really like the idea of knitting back backwards. And they explained it so well. Can’t wait to try it out! Not trying to hijack the thread, but does anyone know if this helps to keep stockinette from rolling?! Just curious! :thinking:

lol was about to post I just got the mail…

Eh…nothing that really impressed me. I’ve been looking for something challenging and I was hoping the new knitty would have something I liked. Oh well.

Okay so I am a FL girl who just moved to a state with seasons. Can someone exlplain fingerless gloves to me? I thought your fingers were the first to get cold and last to get warm? I mean, if you want to wear gloves, you need them because of your fingers, right? Or no? I am not at all trying to be snarky, I am honestly just curious.

You’re not alone, Alicia. They don’t make sense to this California girl either. :lol:

Erm…I liked the angel wings… :thinking:

Some cute stuff, some so-so stuff, and a lot of stuff I will never knit. But OMG I have to make my boys the sock monkey hats! I think they are too cute, esp. since I’m hoping to make some actual sock monkeys for my boys for Christmas this year (not knitted - just handsewing the socks).

Re: fingerless gloves. I’ve never worn them myself, but I think I get the concept. Sometimes in the winter, my office can be quite cold, and my hands in particular feel it. I still need to be able to do computer work, but wearing gloves just doesn’t cut it. So fingerless gloves would kinda make sense for that purpose. Maybe.

wellllllllll the best thing to use to keep them warm is a big ol’ pair of mittens. unfortunately you can’t do too much else beyond wave your hands around with mittens because you have no use of the fingers…and gloves aren’t great either i think because you are still working with bulk there. (and ATMS and things don’t work that great with gloves! :wink: ) sooooooo there is the fingerless glove. My favorite pair i have though is a convertable pair and i think you could easily do that with the Knucks pattern…or pretty much any pattern. Just make a little cup like thing to attach to the fingerless gloves when it is supah cold that you can flip off your fingers when you need them. i bought a pair lonnnnnng before i started knitting and fell completely in love with them. they are getting tattered though. it may be time to start working on my own pair! :thumbsup:

This is the first issue in a while that has something I would knit. I just bought geta shoes, so the tabi sock pattern rocks. I’m liking the wristwarmers, but I wont be knitting those for a while…it’s summer here and usually about 100 degrees. Forget it.

I also like the idea of the gloves, and the fingerless gloves, but again it’s summer here.

The sockmonkey hat is cute, but I don’t want that much attention and I’ve never made a sock monkey. I like the lilies, and the halfdome, and swell patterns. Although, it’s hot, like I said. And I have no use for lillies. I think I would make swell without the flaps.

Manresa is good for a night at the beach, but I don’t stay that late.

There are some other good ideas, but I probably would never knit them or wear them. The angel wings seem to be for the teens or twenty somethings perhaps, and I being that, slightly thought about it but then though ‘nah’. Plus, I think they could have a better design, but I’m not about to complain when I will never attempt to make them or wear them.