New knitting show

Has anyone heard anything about this?

[COLOR=“Blue”]Sunday, March 16, 2008

New Knitting TV Show

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Knitting Daily TV, a new knitting show is scheduled to launch on many public television stations around the country in July 2008. This magazine-format TV series is a makeover of Needle Arts Studio with Shay Pendray, the first and longest-running program on public television to focus on the needle arts.

Knitting Daily TV will be hosted by a cast of popular magazine editors: “Interweave Knits” Editor Eunny Jang, “Interweave Crochet” Editor Kim Werker, “Handwoven” Managing Editor and former Managing Editor of “Spin-Off”, Liz Gipson, along with Shay Pendray. The 30-minute themed episodes will cover a variety of needle crafts—from knitting and crochet to stitching, felting, and spinning—and guide viewers in learning to make fun yet smart one-of-a-kind designs using the latest products in yarn and fiber…

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Your article link is just to google :frowning:

oops, didn’t realize the links were active when I copied the article - I just found the report on the website of an LYS I was at last week. I never got a chance to watch KnittyGritty so I’m happy this will be a PBS show.

It’s a remodeled version of Shay Pendray’s Needle Arts Studio that’s been running on PBS for a while. The focus will be more on knitting in the new format without the crochet and needlepoint that was on the old series…

You might need digital broadcast reception and a PBS station that is multicasting Create TV to see it.
There are a few different PBS multicast stations so it’s not a sure thing your local shows Create.

Knit and Crochet Today is only on Create here, and Create is not carried by cable or satellite here. The same with Shay Pendray’s last show.

It’s pretty good when they had a “Spinning a Yarn” weekend. Getting more than one show mainly focused on knit/crochet should make it better when they do that.