New Knitting Podcast!

[color=blueviolet]I’ve found I new knitting podcast and I thought I’d let everyone know since I haven’t seen it mentioned here before. It’s called Cast-On and it’s really cool. The host describes it as a magazine only different. She tells stories and in between them she plays music. It’s a really cool format. I’ve only listened to the first out of two episodes, but so far I’m loving it. It’s very different from KnitCast and that’s what I really like about it.[/color]

Crikey - I feel old!
[color=blue]:::Limping off to Google “Pod Cast” and find out what the (#&%$ that is:::[/color][/size]


:roflhard: Only reason I know anything about it is because of my kids. I don’t have an ipod though. :rollseyes:

See my post here for a detailed explanation on podcasts.[/color]

[color=blueviolet]You don’t need to have an iPod or an mp3. You can use whatever software you use to listen to mp3s on your computer already.[/color]

Jessi – thanks for all the info and links. Now I just need to figure out how I can sneak and listen while here at work! :devil:


Thanks, I’ll have to give it a listen, I’ve just started listening to them when I started knitting my clapotis, although I knew they were around, never got around to listening…very cool & lots of knitting knowlegde to be found :wink:

Common misconception that you need an iPod to get Podcasts. You don’t.

Follow her link above…

All you need is the thing you’re currently sitting in front of - a computer (with speakers).

It’s like the internet, only auditory. :slight_smile: