New knitting and crochet websites

What I’m reading online is that Megan, the owner of knittingpatterncentral and crochetpatterncentral, got tired of the sites and sold them. They were sold with the understanding was that they would be updated. This is not being done and the site is used for commercial purposes. Megan is creating two new sites. She plans on getting these up and running by January of 2013, so check back.

The new owners of the ‘pattern central’ sites, did do some refurbishing, but the color scheme is awful, you can’t read the light blue text that well. There are ads at the top of the page, but the links work. This happened fairly recently, so they may have plans to update it. Their contact mechanism doesn’t work, but you can go to their facebook page and leave a comment or three on the new format. Many people don’t like it. The site hasn’t been abandoned and gone over to the place holder type links that some domains do.

It is a lot of work keeping up a pattern site. I just doubled my patterns and it took quite a bit of time.

Thanks, Ben! I added your site to my bookmarks. I haven’t delved in too deeply yet, but I like how organized your site is. A very nice layout. You have obviously put a lot of work and forethought into it. :thumbsup:

This past Friday, I was getting prepared for my Knitting 101 class. I was gathering Resources for my students:

  1. How-To (help) sites
  2. Yarn sites
  3. Free Patterns sites

Well of course, was first on my list…boy oh boy…was I ever relieved that I CHECKED first! The mess that I saw would have been totally confusing and off-putting for my students.

I did follow the process, BTW. I submitted my name and email. I agreed to allow them to send me daily emails about what’s new, etc. The site seems to be connected to ANNIE’S. So I’m getting daily email from her, too. But both emails are good. I can delete them just as easily as I do with Computer-Tech email subscriptions I’m signed up for.

But I’m soooo happy to hear that there IS a simple streamlined Free Patterns website similar to the knittingpatterncentral website we all came to love and rely on:! I like the simple presentation. I’ll give this link to my students Friday night at Part 2 of Knitting 101. :thumbsup: