New Knitter

Hi all! I am so happy to find this site!!! It has been so helpful with the videos. A friend of mine picked me up both the Stitch N’ Bitch books while i was going through a bad case of the blues, he thought it would give me something else to focus on and pestered me into making a scarf. Though it took me a week to get the basics i noticed by the time i was finished with the scarf i was back to my old self and coming out being addicted to knitting lol.

I have pretty much stuck to scarves, but i just finished my first hat!!! (the Hot Head hat in the BN’S book but with different colors). After making a few hats what do you all think is a good project to try next? I want to try socks, but i am kinda scared to try them yet.

Also is it just me or does anyone notice when they aren’t knitting that your hands feel like they just want to knit? At work i feel like i need to be doing something with my hands lol.

Well greetings again and i will probably be asking tons a questions :oops: Sometimes i get confused with how patterns are to be interpreted hehe.

Welcome! Welcome to the site and to knitting! I think you are right… knitting is highly adictive :happydance:

I do think you have come to the right place! Any question you have here I am sure can be answered!!! I’ve had to have a few people walk me through patterns! More than once :oops:

Good luck and welcome!!! ! :thumbsup:

HI … welcome :waving:

Aw don’t be afraid of socks!! They are a breeze. I learned to knit socks using Leisure Art’s Learn to Knit Socks book and didn’t have any troubles! :thumbsup: It didn’t take me long to make them either! :slight_smile:

So glad to see you here! Welcome! Knitting is very theraputic, as you’re finding out. Did you know “they” say knitting is as good at relieving stress as Yoga? And you don’t even have to be a contortionist! LOL

If you want to try socks, may I please welcome you to my beginners sock knitting class? I wrote it specifically for new knitters. And I’ve seen some incredible success from it. People who had previously only knitted scarves, have now knit dozens of socks. pride pride

If you ever have a question, head over the the How-to Questions forum, and post away. You’ll soon get a quick and accurate reply, and remember… there are NO silly questions in knitting!

OMG Silver that is awesome!!! I anti-sock girl, may even try them!

Well I hope so! “Anti-sock girl”… for shame! :shock:

Welcome, Scathach! I’ve not been around here too long myself. This site, and Amy’s video’s, has really helped me along in learning to knit.

Oh, and I’m halfway through my first sock using Silver’s sock class, too. Her step-by-step photos and detailed instructions really took the fear out of taking the sock plunge, for me. :thumbsup:


I would have never thought to knit socks just because the heel looks more complicated than I could fathom, but your instructions and pix are incredible.


I may have to give it a try.

The heel is the BEST part of knitting socks. It’s so much fun to see that heel take shape, and it’s super easy!

I am soooooo happy that people are really getting use out of that tutorial. It started as an online class/KAL on a soapmaking forum (more crafty people), and it was so popular that I put it all into webpages. I must be born to teach knitting… I LOVE showing other people how to knit, and it’s about the ONLY thing I’m uber-patient with. :slight_smile:

I KNOW - the only thing better than knitting is having a knitting protege/minion/buddy!

WELCOME, Scathach! I vote for Silver’s SOCKS!