New knitter with a lot of projects (sorry, large pics)

i just started knitting this year, and I have done a few things.

project 1 purse and scrunchie

Everything looks great! :cheering:

May I ask where you got the pattern for the scrunchie?

Both are beautiful! Congrats!

Well done everything looks great x

:woot: Everything looks wonderful!!

Excellent start !!! :slight_smile:

What a wonderful start. Everything looks great.

Looking good! Thanks for sharing!

Beautiful FO’s you have there!

I’ve sent you a PM re: photo sizing. :wink:

Your little one is just adorable. Your FO’s look good, especially like the colors in the Calometery.

What a great run of projects!

Sorry, but I resized my pics, and it is saying that they are still too big! But photobucket says they are tiny. I don’t know, so I just was able to post one. :frowning:

I sorta just made it up. I had a little bit of yarn so I knit very loosely on big needles. used elastic on inside.