New Knitter Trish

Hello all, I’m new to knitting and this site has been the greatest ever! I’m not one that comprehends books and photos, so the videos are great. After so many failed attempts, I have actually succeeded in starting and finishing a project. OK, so for now, it’s just scarves, belts and headbands, but it’s a start. I usually have the laptop open next to me while working and can pull the videos anytime I get confused. Greetings to all and I look forward to getting to know you all! Trish :XX:

Hi Trish! :waving:
Welcome to the forum! What part of TN are you from? I bet its not too far from me…I’m just over the state line in NC. :thumbsup:

:waving: Hey Trish, welcome to the forum :cheering: :cheering: I love your quotes in your siggy :wink:

Welcome! I, too, have received help from this site/forum that has allowed me to do projects I only dreamed about being able to do. :smiley:

:waving: Hi Trish, I’m kinda new to this forum too. I signed up for it because I loved it so much for all the help and for the friendly atmosphere. This place rocks!!

Hi Trish! The forum is a great resource, especially for new knitters. Welcome!