New Knitter!Stockinette help!

Hey all!
I dont know if I’m just dumb or what but I try and try to do the stockinette stitch but I just CAN’T get it! and help?

You aren’t dumb! We all had to learn sometime! :wink:

If you are knitting on straight needles you purl one row and knit the next to get stockinette.

If you are working on circular needles with a joined pattern like a hat you just knit and because you are only working on one side.

Thanks!goes to try it but does it matter what order?

What do you think you are doing differently than what Jan said?

Well to be honest, I don’t really know! Maybe I am doing the purl stitch wrong. But I follwed the directions in the book. Hmmmmm

Have you looked at Amy’s videos?

Wooohooo! I figured it out! Thanks sooo much everyone!