New Knitter Seeks Pattern Interpreter :)

Hi Guys,

I am a new knitter (a rather obsessed one at that much to my partners dismay! - lol) and am knitting a Rowan pattern and could use some help…

The bit I am stuck on is…

Row 1 (RS): K3, (yfwd, K2tog) twice, (yfwd) twice, K2tog, K1 - 11 sts

Now I think I know what ‘yfwd’ means (a YO) and that this creates an extra stitch but I don’t know how to work it when it is bracketed with ‘K2tog’ - what the… I am desperate to move past this step :doh:

If anyone could please explain this to me I would greatly appreciate it. The CO for the pattern is 10 sts as well in case this is required. When I have attempted it, I can’t figure out how it works to get it to 11 sts…

If responding, please you may need to ‘dumb it down’ for me if you are experienced :wink:



You start out with K3, then do a yfwd (yo), returning your yarn to the back, then a K2tog. The reason it is in brackets is only that you are going to do the (yfwd, K2tog) sequence two times in a row before moving to the next instruction.

I answered in your other post, but you might as well have a thread of your own.

When something is in brackets, you do it the number of times that follows.
In this case (yfwd, k2tog) twice just means yfwd, k2tog, yfwd, k2tog.

k3 = 3 st
yfwd = 1
k2tog = 1
yfwd = 1
k2tog = 1
yfwd = 1
yfwd = 1
k2tog = 1
k1 = 1

Total of 11

You start with 10, and use those 10, but have one more increase than decrease, so you end up with 11.

Hey Ingrid & KnitQueen,

Just wanted to say a big thanks!!! I have successfully been able to continue with my pattern - yayyyyhhhh

I was beginning to get a little flustered but it’s all good now :cheering:

Thanks again,


Glad you got it sorted. The knitters here are always very good at helping out. :slight_smile: They’re a friendly and humorous bunch. Stick around. :thumbsup: