New knitter! Purl vs knit stitch (left handed)

I just started learning how to knit by myself. I have been watching left handed YouTube tutorials on how to do the two basic stitches. Knit stitch, I have down. Purl, I feel/looks like I am doing it right but when I am done it looks exactly like my knit stitch. It looks like maybe the first row looks like a purl stitch but the rest of the stitches look like the knit. I have no clue what I am doing wrong.
Is there anyway to post a video somewhere so someone can correct what I might be doing wrong?

Thank you!

I don’t know how everyone else feels about this but I wouldn’t bother trying to knit “left handed”. It’s a task that requires both hands and it really doesn’t make a difference if your left handed or right.
For your purl stitches your yarn should always be in front of your work.

Here’s a fun article to read on the subject

Welcome to the forum!
Are you purling all the rows? If so, it’s going to look the same as knitting all the rows. Both stitches form a pattern called garter stitch when worked by themselves back and forth (working flat) on the needles.
If you work one row of knit and one row of purl, then continue to alternate, you’ll have stockinette stitch. There you can see Vs on the knit side and loops or collars on the purl side.
There are some videos here at KH at the top of the page under Free Videos including ones to get you started.

psquidy, I like that article. knitty is such a good resource.

I kind of agree. I know several left handers and only one actually knits “left handed”, the rest have adapted. Problems arise when following patterns because the vast majority are written for right hand knitters so people who actually knit left handed will have to change some things in the patterns. The article posted is excellent and makes my point. :wink:

That said…do what works best for you is my motto. :wink:

I agree, i am left handed but my granny taught me to knit when i was 7 years old and she was right handed. i just did it the same as her and have therefore always knitted right handed.