New Knitter- Pattern Help

Can anyone help me figure out a couple things with this pattern? Am I only supposed to knit (ie, no purling on the reverse side)? What exactly is “Yarn Over”? Does that mean you just wrap the yarn around the needle on the right? And what the heck am I supposed to do in ‘Row 3’?

So much for this being a ‘simple’ pattern!!! :oops:
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The pattern is also at the following site:

Thank you so much!!!


Once you get the hang of it, you will have this knit in about 30 minutes :slight_smile: It really is a simple pattern.

What you need to do is cast on 4 stitches and then make your increases using a yarn over (see the video on this site under the increases section). You will be increasing 1 stitch every row until you have 44 on the needle. Then, you start “row 3” and make your decreases by knitting 2 together each row.

Yes, you knit every row. The pattern is garter stitch and you get that by knitting every row.

Yes, yarn over is bringing the yarn around the needle just as you would for a knit stitch before you actually knit the stitch - the video on this site that shows yarn over will make this much more clear.

Honestly it is a very simple pattern and good practice making increases and decreases.

Good luck!!


Hmmm…I think I got it!!! THank you so much Trish! I will give it a shot!!