New knitter needs help with WS

So I have been teaching myself with this wonderful kit that tells you everything LOL I did a search and came up empty which tells me this should be in front of my face I am doing ST ST and need to end WS how? later in the pattern I do row WS I know WS means wrong side but how do I knit WS



In regular stockinette stitch, the ‘right side’ is the flat side–with the little v’s of the knit stitches.

The wrong side has the bumpy purl stitches.

That’s it!

so do I face the wrong side to me and stitch that way?

Does it say to end with a wrong side row?? If so, all that means is that you’ve been going along doing your knit one row, purl one row, etc. (which makes your stockinette stitch) and if you are asked to end with a wrong side row, it means that you complete a purl row before moving onto the next portion of instructions.

thank you both for your help it says “(keeping 4 sts at each edge in rib) work even in st st until piece measures 1 1/2” above neckband, ending ws" so do last stitcs in purl?

Right–ending ws row means the last row you knit will be purl for the wrong side.

If you’re ever confused about this, check the next instruction. If it is a knitted side, you know that you’re where you’re supposed to be.

thanks sooo much I think I know what I am doing!