New Knitter Making Mittens

Hi Everyone!
I just started knitting a few weeks ago and found your site today. I finished a hat (my class project) and am now working on a pair of
mittens for my teenage daughter. Aaahhhh! I’ve gotten to the
thumb and am already wishing I had made a scarf! I’m lost as to how to cast 2 stitches after I slip those 10 stitches onto the holder for the thumb. What do I cast them on TO? And continue around WHAT? Anybody who can help me here?

Are you still needing help on this mitten project? A little more information would be helpful. What pattern are you making? Maybe someone has it, or is it on-line somewhere? Is it worked in the round? Can you at least give the directions for the whole row/round that is giving you trouble?

I know when I have made mittens and need to cast on more sts I use the working yarn and a knit cast on to the left needle, just as you would at the beginning of a project, then continue with the instructions. It seemed odd, but it worked :wink:
good luck…

I find with gloves that slipping those 10 thumb stitches onto a holder - it’s easier to use a 6-8" piece of yarn (left from another project and a different color). A plastic/metal/hard stitch holder will make it difficult to bring the 2 sides of knitting close together like you’ll need to do.

You probably moved those stitches to a holder, then continued to knit around. When you get back to where the gap is, switch the 2 needles in your hands - the end w/the working yarn in your left hand. Use the working yarn to cast on 2 stiches onto that left hand needle. Then switch the 2 needles back, and continue knitting around to finish the mitten. You’ll go back to those thumb stitches later to finish the thumb.