New knitter - Help my knitting pattern has reversed


I am a fairly new knitter and have been learning by making patchwork squares. I am now on my first real project - a fleck stitch envelope purse. This is knit row, purl row, knit purl knit purl row and then purl row again. I am half way through and my fleck stitch pattern has now changed to the other side of my piece of knitting. I don’t know how I have done this or how to change it so my pattern all remains on the correct side of my knitting again. Can anyone help?

Many thanks


If your pattern is this one that I found:

[B]ow 1:[/B] Knit. [B]Row 2:[/B] Purl.
[B]Row 3:[/B] Knit 1, *purl 1, knit 1. Repeat from * across.
[B]Row 4:[/B] Purl.
Repeat for pattern.

You probably added or missed or added a knit or purl row at the point where the pattern reverses.

You can take it off your needles, rip out until a row before you need to be, and then pop out one stitch at a time and slip each back on the needle.

When you’re working stockinette, which this is, except for row 3, the V’s should be facing you when you’re knitting and the bumps will be facing you when you’re purling.