New knitter - disaster!

I’m (was) trying to knit a beanie. 120 stitches (k1,p1) to 21cm, then start decreasing. About four rows into the decreasing pattern, I noticed it was looking all wrong, pearl stitches on the wrong side etc. I thought I might be clever enough to rip it out and re-insert the needle. But no:verysad: After several attempts and failures, I can’t seem to get the stitches back on the needle in a way that works properly, to continue the pattern. I suspect they’re facing the wrong way, or something. I have no idea. I’ve lost about 6cm and have now used a needle to draw some yarn through all the stitches, to at least hold them while I figure out (or get someone to help me) how to solve it and get me back on track.

Any help would be SO appreciated!

Welcome to KH. A link to your pattern would be helpful. Are you knitting in the round or flat? If in the round, did you accidentally start working the wrong way somewhere?

Welcome to the forum!
That’s so disappointing when that happens and it happens to all of us. Actually, the way you’ve done it is the best way. Get the sts back on a needle facing in any direction and then as you knit the next row, change the orientation of any twisted stitch.
Here’s a video or two that may help:

Thank you for your replies. I’m (was) knitting flat. I’m not even close to the stage of contemplating knitting round yet! The pattern is in a book and as a bit of a luddite, uploading the pattern is out of my comfort zone. It seemed pretty straightforward, even for me. I still don’t get where I went wrong. It was simply slipping a stitch, knitting a couple together, passing the slipped stitch over and knitting/purling a few times. How did it suddenly become back to front??

The video links have helped a lot, thank you :slight_smile: I still clearly have a lot to learn. I will give the knitting into the back of the stitch thing, a go tomorrow and hope for the best. My little girl will be devastated if I have to start from scratch. I have a wiggly raccoon charm to attach to the top of the beanie and she is becoming very impatient!

Mark the side that’s supposed to be the outside of the hat with anything you have handy–a safety pin works best, but a bobby pin, a paper clip, or a bit of yarn will also do. That way, when you have to lay down your work to do something else, you’ll know which side you’re on.

Not that I’ve made that mistake…not that most of us haven’t made that mistake, especially when we were just starting…

ha ha… no, nope, never… :wink:

Thanks for your responses! I took my knitting into the local knitting/sewing shop in the end, for the nice lady to have a look at. Apparently I’ve got it back on the needle fine, the right amount of stitches and oriented correctly. She only needed to fiddle about with the first stitch, then I knitted a row in the shop and she said I was back on track. I’m not quite convinced, as one or two stitches look a bit dodgy. I’ll carry on for a few rows and we’ll see… After this, I think I’ll be going back to those big fat needles again for a while. I’m clearly not ready to move on yet!

That’s the way you learn. We all make mistakes because that’s part of knitting but learning to recognize them and correct them is all good experience.

I think it was in one of Cheryl Brunette’s videos that I came across this little gem: An expert knitter isn’t one who never makes mistakes but has learned how to correct them.

Hello! I’m very happy, because I took my knitting into the local wool shop for advice and it turns out the pattern is wrong! So I am not a complete numpty after all! Beanie is now finished, wriggly raccoon attached (don’t ask) and 8 year old chuffed to bits :happydance: What shall I knit now??