New knitter, can't get from cast-on to knit stitch!

I am able to cast-on, and have the knit stitch down. But, when I go from the cast-on to my first knit stitch, it comes loose because of the tail - what are you supposed to do with the tail??

Just leave the tail hanging and you can weave it in when you’re done.

What kind of cast on did you use? If you did long-tail cast on, was your tail yar over your thumb?

Yes, I used the long-tail cast on. Every time I try to make a knit stitch, it falls out because of the tail. Perhaps I am not doing the knit stitch correctly. Thanks for your reply, I’ll keep on trying!

The reason I asked about where you were holding the tail when casting on is because possibly if your strands were reversed, it might affect that first stitch.

The first/last stitch is always looser than the rest–just hold everything a bit tighter, give it a little tug and move on. The important thing when you are learning is to just keep going–don’t worry about perfect (if there is such a thing.)

Thanks for your help! I am going to try again later tonight, maybe try to make my cast on stitches less tight, and hold the first few stitches tighter.

If your tail keeps slipping off the needle, you may be leaving too short of a tail. My standard rule of thumb is 6-10 inches of tail length that I just keep toward the back (I have accidentally knitted my tail into my first row before, wondering why I ran out of yarn so quickly LOL). Also, make sure when you make that first knit stitch that you are only going under the front leg of the CO stitch and not underneath both of them.

Did you make a slip knot for the first CO stitch? That should be tight enough to hold when you knit back on the first row.


I use the long tail method, but don’t use a slip knot and i have never had a problem with them coming off or loose…

I don’t make a knot either anymore, but I wondered if that was why she had problems.