New Knitter...backwards stitches when knitting in the round. HELP!

Hi There,
I am new to knitting (have been doing it for about 3 weeks). I have knitted two pairs of simple baby booties and am working on a matching baby hat. I’m working on circular needles and did the first 30 rounds pretty easily, then I haven’t had time to work on it for about a week. I picked it up this afternoon and began my project again and after two rounds it looked wrong. It looks like my knit “V” stitches are on the purl “bumpy” side and vice versa.
Help! What did I do?

I think you picked it up and started knitting the wrong direction and on the inside. You should be knitting on the OUTSIDE of the circle and the yarn should be coming from the stitch on the right side or the right needle.

I had the hardest time with that! Imagine your needles as a cup. You should be knitting on the side where you’d drink. For some reason, it’s very common to want to knit on the opposite side. But like Jan says, that would have you knitting on the inside of the circle.

I end up doing that half the time, or with the needles at the top and the cord below. As long as you knit on the correct side, you can do it any way you want.