New KnitPicks Catalog

:waving: hello one & all!! I just got an email from Kelley at KP and found out that the new catalogs are coming out next week, starting on the east coast and headed west :cheering: :cheering: I’m so excited for a number of reasons :smiley: . There are going to be some new & exciting things…so keep an eye on your mailboxes. You will be just as EXCITED as I !!!

and how do we get one of these catologs in our mailbox??? for the few who don’t have a clue… mainly me! :cheering:

Oh, you have to request that they send you a catalog at their website and keep an eye on the website…chances are these new happenings will be appearing there soon :smiley:

thanks! :thumbsup:

You are welcome, Koolbreeze!!
Okay, okay…you guys are not even gonna take my bait and ASK what the new surprises are?!..I’m SO disappointed…I was really looking forward to playing with your wanting to know a bit before I gave up the info…but if you don’t want to play…then I’m not gonna tell :stuck_out_tongue:

are you kiddin’ …you have been toying with us for weeeeeeeeeeeks on this and won’t tell. why would we think this would be any different…sheeeeeeeeesh! :wall:

besides…unless it involves lime green WOTA i don’t care…lol :rofling:

Come on, rebecca!! GIVE!! What do you know that we don’t?? Have you got a pattern in there…huh, do ya, huh??? :shock:

Give up your secret, Girl!! :cheering:

I’m waiting to be surprised by my catalog!

(But if it’s not that great, I’m coming after you Rebecca!) :roflhard:

:roflhard: :roflhard:

does that include if there is no Lime Green WOTA? :smiley:

Kelley just emailed me yesterday and told me about the new stuff…I have NOT been holding out…but…I did want to toy with ya for a bit after I found out :devil: …I’m entitled to some fun, right?!
Gosh…I posted the beginning of the info as soon as I read her email :rollseyes:

FYI, Silver, I am on crutches…so I’ll be an easy catch :help: …LOL :roflhard: :roflhard:

lol…yeah well i still don’t care if it doesn’t include Lime green WOTA…though i WILL care if i go find some lambs pride in lime green this week and buy it only to find it cheaper in Knitpicks!!

hrmm…if there is new stuff in a catalog coming out shouldn’t it be online by now then too? may have to do some investigating!

btw…it isn’t nice to chase people on crutches…sheesh! :wink:

can you tell i am practicing avoidance of the pile of work sitting on my desk by carrying on a conversation virtually with myself? :hiding:

Okay…I will give up what I know… :rollseyes:

If ya’ll are very, very nice and offer bribes of many, many American dollars :wink:

:crying: sniff, sniff…I’m so very, very :frowning: sad…I’ve not gotten my bribe offer for many American dollars…3 American dollars…that’s all that I ask…just the offer…sniff, sniff… :crying:

I have to leave soon to go grocery shopping at the dreaded War-Mart, I mean Wal-Mart. :rollseyes:

How will I concentrate on my shopping, knowing you’re about to reveal a big secret. Come ON! :pray:

[color=indigo]HEY! You can have my crushed velvet-dogs playing poker-target gift card that i just got for information![/color]

once i am done using it of course! :angelgrin: [/color][/size]

Your WalMart only opens 2 out of its 37 check out lines, too?!
Okay, it’s no biggie…well, it is to ME, because it’s what I’ve been wishing for!!
I don’t know the colors…but there will be 12 NEW WOTA COLORS :happydance: :happydance: :happydance: :cheering: :cheering: :cheering: :cheering: I’M SO EXCITED I COULD… :happydance: :happydance: and there are 6 new Andean Silk colors :cheering: :cheering: and it’s my understanding that the new bulky yarns will appear in this catalog…I bet they will come out in next Monday’s email …I don’t know, but yesterday’s email was about the yarn that’s been on sale this summer.
And…catalogs ship Aug 8, Monday, so I bet everything will be on the web on Monday :cheering: :cheering: :cheering: :cheering:
:blush: I now feel badly for ‘playing’ with ya’ll with my little bit of KP info… :blush: sorry…sort of :roflhard: :roflhard:

My :blush: apologies, Ellen, I just saw your post. It’s my understanding that the pattern will be in the catalog; I know that the socks are because one of my friends at KP said she would send me a couple of extra catalogs (to put away with the Teen People my Shannon was in & stuff like that…to show the grandkids and say…remember when :wink: ); I’m guessing the pattern will be there, as well…or maybe not because it can be downloaded at the site.

yeah for new colors!!! hopefully bright and obnoxious cuz i wanna do some more bag makin’! :wink:

thanksssssssssssss for spillin’ Rebecca!!! :happydance: