New Knitpick yarns..UPDATE MORE NEW YARNS PG 5

Hey, am I late in the game…or, have ya’ll seen knitpicks’ new yarns?!
I’ve just started looking, but thus far I see 4 new yarns on the 1st page of yarns…YIPPEE!!!
I’m off to investigate further :smiley:

And…Essential sock yarn has new colors…as well as a whole new sock yarn :cheering: :cheering:

Here’s what we have: Shamrock, Swish, Gloss (sock yarn), and Quarry…YAY :cheering: :cheering:

DAMMIT!!! :mad: :mad: :mad:

I just ordered from them a week ago, and NOW NOW NOW they have the new yarns :wall: :wall: :evil: :wall: :wall:


runs off to check it out


Aw bloody heck! I also see the Dancing sock yarn is on clearance, although the price isn’t any different :thinking:

:drooling: Nice!

I love that they have solid color sock yarn now!

Thanks for enabling us, Becca! :twisted:

Ohh…I was going to buy some KP Essentials to make the Baudelaire socks from Knitty…but Gloss looks fabulous! I think I need to try that one!

Essentials has new colors, too :thumbsup:

I saw that but Gloss is Merino & Silk!! :inlove:

I didn’t realize that knit picks had interchangable needles now! I must have been living under a rock! Are their tips and cables interchangable with boye? They look similar, and I recently broke my size 10 tips and one of my cables. (it was the cat who sat on them, I swear).

Sadly, they are not interchangeable with the Boyes. :frowning:

I like that Swish!!! Now I wish I hadn’t bought that Encore at the get together!!! :frowning:

No, they are not interchangeable with the Boye’s. They’re fabulous though… :smiley:

[size=1]Why don’t you buy some more, Hild?![/size] :shifty:

it looks like there are more colors for Memories too…and more options in the natural yarns that would be good for dying!

Bummer. They do seem fabulous.

:cries: see what I mean - you guys are just horrible enablers!


Bummer. They do seem fabulous.[/quote]

They are FABULOUS :smiley: …very, very fabulous!!!

LOL, well, I just placed an order with Knitpicks and didn’t even get any new yarn :rollseyes: well, I got 1 skein of Swish to swatch and play with. I had already decided what I was getting…Shine for Bombshell and Merino Style for Cherry Bomb…and I didn’t even deter from that which I had intended to get :thumbsup:

Bummer. They do seem fabulous.[/quote]

Order the tip you need and the cable size you want, they sell them separately also. That’s what I did.

ooohh… the swish is calling my name…

SWISH :cheering:

I’m so happy they have a washable wool!! I’ve been meaning to make an afghan for some friends who got married but have been agonizing about what to use that won’t break my (hedge)hoggy bank!

I hope it’s soft!