New kid on the block

Hi, everyone. I’m just getting started here and am looking forward to chatting with you. I can’t knit due to hand surgery last week, but I can talk about it til I’m mended, right?

Hi And welcome :slight_smile:
I hope your hand gets better soon .

:woot: Welcome to KH!! I hope your hand feels better soon!! :hug:

Welcome, hope your hand heals quickly!

Hi There!!

[SIZE=3]Hello and join in the fun! [/SIZE]

Hi! :waving:

welcome :slight_smile:

Welcome! I wish you speedy healing!

Hi and welcome! Hope your hand is better soon!

Welcome! Sorry to hear about the hand. Can you maybe hold one needle in your teeth? :mrgreen:

:waving: Welcome to KH. I hope you have a speedy recovery.

Welcome! Yay, someone to join the n00b revolution! :teehee: heh, just kidding. And I hope your hand gets better soon. But don’t worry, you’re still going to have a lot of fun poking around here untill you’re all healed up :hug:

Hi! I’m new too! I really hope your hand is better soon.