New Job :o)

I’m a new nurse (graduated in December), and started my first job in January. A truly miserable experience. I quit the first week of June.

Well, I start my NEW job on Monday!! At a much much MUCH nicer place, in a far more professional environment. They’re very conservative in their approach.
The downside is, I have to wear ALL WHITE!! :waah:

So I’ve been out today buying new scrubs, shoes, and underthings. Now, I just need to sell the less-than-6-month-old, (approx.) $500 in colored and/or pattern scrubs hanging in my closet.

YAY for being employed doing what I’ve always dreamed, after surviving the first nightmarish job!!!

congrats on the job! sorry about the clothes. It is always rough when a new job requires a new wardrobe.

You know, speaking from experience you might hang onto some of the scrubs as “insurance” maybe something with the new job won’t work out or you’ll pick up call per diem somewhere else and want to have them on hand.

When you’re an “old” nurse you will look back on your horrible job as a good learning experience.

Congratulations on the new position.

sorry your first job was horrible. my first job is rawkin! (graduated with my bsn 12-05, started 1-06.

Another congratulations here to ya! We need nurses so badly, I’m thrilled when another class graduates.

I agree w/Newamy that you may want to hang on to those colored scrubs for awhile. You know, just in case. Also, couldn’t you wear them as pajamas or housecleaning clothes? Just an idea…

And one good thing about the white scrubs is that they can all be washed with hot water and a bit of bleach and come out of the wash looking fab. :slight_smile:

Congratulations on the new job!:cheering:

I started a new job at the end of May and had to buy a bunch of “nice” clothes. It’s nice though. It seemed like more of a fresh start.

Good luck!

congrats!!! i know what it’s like to finally be free of a bad situation. i’m glad you could find a new one so quickly. have you thought about putting your old scrubs on craig’s list? that’s a good way to get rid of pretty much anything.

As a patient, I love the way nurses look in white: it looks so crisp and professional. I get a little nervous when someone in scrubs covered with Mickey Mouse comes at me with a needle. Maybe I’m old-fashioned, but a uniform should look like a uniform, not a casual outfit.

(Of course I’m old enough to remember when RNs wore white uniforms with skirts, those starched caps with stripes to indicate their training, and navy blue capes.)

Anyway, congratulations on your great new job!

Congratulations on the new job!! I have always thought about going to nursing school, so you totally have my admiration.

And on the plus side, white goes with everything. :slight_smile:

My brain is mush! My butt is sore! And today is only day 3 of 5!!

Sitting in a chair for 7 hours / day listening to them read word-for-word and then do quizzes is brutal. UGH. And they said sleeping is not allowed, dammit.

Yesterday and today is all about CNA duties; why I need to sit through that escapes me because I already know their responsibilities, but whatever. I’m being paid for it, right?

Thu/Fri will be just the trainer and me doing nurse specific things, so hopefully it won’t be as mind-numbingly boring.

Ah well, Monday I begin precepting on the floors, so it’ll be more interesting. YAY!

Congrats on the new job, I really hope it go’s well. I love you Nurses, you all do such a fantastic job, Thank you.

Yeah! New Job! :thumbsup:

Yeah! Training isn’t forever! :lol: