New Jersey - Love it or leave it


Anyone in South Jersey??? I’m in Burlington County.

Mount Holly Knitting Meetup:
Glo-Cam Crocheting and Knitting Ladies (Sewell):

There’s a group Wednesdays 1-4 p.m. at The Knitting Room:

Here’s a Craiglist posting from someone trying to organize a group in Mt. Laurel:

Thanks for the reply. Funny thing is, I already belong to the Mount Holly Meetup & the ad on Craigs List is mine. LOL.


I’m way up North in Bergen, but hi!

Hi! It figures that it was another Jersey girl that helped me out. I grew up in Essex county. I just recently moved to South Jersey because we bought a home. The real estate prices up North were just too high for us.

Small world!
I forgot to mention that there’s a South Jersey Craft Mafia group being organized at Craftster:


I’m also in South Jersey. I am in Gloucester County.

The group “Glo-Cam Crocheting and Knitting Ladies” (Sewell) is mine.

My name is Everdina and I am in Northern NJ, Ringwood. Just joined the forum, but I am a “hooked” knitter, along with a bunch of great friends.
We also ride our motorcycle wherever and whenever we can to search for new yarn shops. Looking forward to meeting new friends.

Knit on… :cheering:

You’re from Bergen County?
I’m from Ridgewood. :waving: :happydance:

i was from oakland, then mahwah, but husband and i just moved up to orange county, for the same insanely high real estate price reasons mentioned above. there is an excellent yarn shop in cornwall, ny, that i recommend you check out - it’s not too far from ringwood, and a nice ride!

I live in Ringwood so not to far from Ridgewood.

And I did go aand check out that yarn shop in Cornwall this passed Sunday, only to find out they are closed that day. So my friends and I hopped back on our bikes and went to Woodstock and ofcourse couldn’t leave without buying yarn.
Mother’s Day weekend we are heading up to New Hampshire to the Wool and Sheep festival. That should be fun, I am so looking forward to it. xxx


Not sure where Cornwell is, but everything in Bergen County is closed on Sundays, and it gets quite annoying when you are having a yarn craving. :teehee:
Cawthraven, my mom says that exit 168 (where you said you where from in an old NJ thread) is right by Depiero’s (<—sp?). Am I right?

Yes those blue laws in Bergen county are a PITA. Cornwall is in NY State. I never heard about the place you mentioned.
Montclair has a few yarn shops, you might google them and check their hours, and then there is always AC Moore and Michaels for when desperate meassures call for desperate times. :happydance: . Good Luck,

Hey jersey - ites!

I’m from Tewksbury …just recently started knitting. although i truly enjoy purl and the point in manhattan by my work, aunt jean’s handiworks is really nice in clinton…and the woman who works there or own it is very very very knowledgeable and helpful. she spins as well and has classes.

Carmabelle, I just saw your posts! :doh: Dipiero’s (not sure of the spelling, either, :teehee:) is actually the next exit up from 168. I’m not sure of the number, because I’ve been been up that far on the Garden State…Dipiero’s is in Montvale, and my “exit” is in Westwood. I lived in Northvale up until…Thursday! It’s funny that you were so close to me. :slight_smile:

I used to drive by Dipiero’s on the way home from work. I worked in Upper Saddle River, and I’m still mad that I never went to the lys in Ho-Ho-Kus.

Small world, huh? I read on your blog that you were moving to Boston. How do you like it so far? More than Jersey? :fingerwag: :teehee: I guess the good thing is that you can visit your lys even on Sundays, while you couldn’t back here!
:poke:The lys in Hohokus was pretty good.:teehee:

I always went to the one in Nyack, so I could go on Sundays, too. :teehee: The one in Pearl River was closer, and also open on Sundays, but I never made it there.

I love Boston…I went to school up here, so I’m super excited to be back. There are things I love about Jersey, and I’ll defend it to the death, but I’m so done with the suburbs and driving and ugh.

I’m glad you like it!:cheering:I’ve never been to Boston, but I’m sure it feels great to escape the stuffiness of the suburbs.
Is the lys in Nyack good? What was it called again? :??

It’s called Knitting Nation, and I like it a lot. I shall meeeess it. It’s on Broadway if you ever make it up there.

Hi Neighbors,
I’m new to the forum…I am in Ridgewood also. (There are many knitters in Ridgewood, I have found.)
Has anyone been to the lys on Broad Street here in Ridgewood? I haven’t been there yet…I buy a lot of my yarn online. But I haven’t heard much about this lys…is it worth trying to get a parking space in town?