New Interweave Knits on

May 16th! Yay!! I looked at the website to see a preview of the new issue’s patterns. I would mention a favorite, but I can’t narrow my votes to just one – or even three! :inlove:

I love a lot of those projects! Fabulous.

I see my faves ~ Looking Glass Top and Marigold Tote!! :smiley:

May 16th? It’s already at my LYS :?? It’s a great issue!

I got it in the mail a couple of weeks ago. :wink:

Whaaaaat, Ingrid?? Where’s mine (I’m a subscriber, too!)?? Yes, I peeked online at the projects & I’m excited to see that I already have the yarn for 2 tops I want to make.

Waiting by the mailbox :pray:

Do the publish the patterns of the projects on the magazine?

I just signed up for a subscription and they told me it would mail on the 23rd. I’ll just have to resist peeking at it if I see it on the shelf at Borders! :wink:

I’ll have to keep an eye out for it at work… put an extra $10 on my shopping card {my emergency money} tomorrow too. The girl that does the magazines at work is a complete ditz… You will see weeklies that are 3 weeks old on the shelf, and a magazine with a 2 month shelf life removed after less than a week. :rollseyes:

Yes, the patterns are all in the magazine, and if you subscribe there are more on the website.

Rethinking, I got mine last week–not two weeks ago, but I did get it.

Waiting impatiently for mine… I think my mailman reads them first. :lol:

It’s funny, I look at a picture and think, ‘That’s a must do,’ and then I see the designer is someone I really like already - “That figures!” There do seem to be quite a few I really like just looking at the pictures alone.

See what happens when you pray by the mailbox? LOL. I got mine!!! :happydance:

So when Walmart decides to start offering dentistry in their stores y’all will be ready? :wink:

I’ve never bought that magazine. Some of those are sure pretty!! That chunky lace wrap is the goofiest looking thing I’ve ever seen though… it belongs on that blog “You knit what??” Is it a bib? Or a boob holder? :lol:

I just got a little postcard thingy in the mail that i can get a free trial issue of Interweave Knits and then continue with four more issues for $21.00…I’m seriously tempted!