New - How so stop bobbin

Im stuck. I’m new to spinning, got an old spinning wheel, some wool of a farmer and wash and carded it.

I’ve put the wool through the hole, over the spindle and tied it to the bobbin. So off I go. But the wool won’t wind round the bobbin. How do I restrict the bobbin? Can’ figure it out. Please help.

Depends on the wheel and if it is a double drive or a single drive.

With a double drive, the drive band goes around the drive wheel, around the flyer whorl, back around the drive wheel and around the bobbin whorl. You increase the tension on the bobbin by moving the Mother-Of-All back.

With a single drive (scotch tension), the drive band goes around the drive wheel then around the flyer whorl. there is a separate band that goes around the flyer bobbin and you increase tension on that band to slow down the flyer.

If you can post a picture of your M-O-A, I could help more.

Looking at the wheel there is only one drive band. Would I need another drive band?

Here is a couple of photos I took.

The photos don’t seem to appear. Here is the link to flickr

You have a double drive wheel. You only need one drive band, but that drive band needs to go around the drive wheel twice. Once over the flyer whorl (where it is now) and once of the bobbin whorl.

You can use a sturdy cotton string (like crochet cotton or butcher twine) for a drive band.

Move the M-O-A all the way towards the drive wheel using the tension knob that is at the end of the table. It helps to have an extra set of hands helping you.

This shows a nice shot of the correct way the drive bands should look on your flyer whorl and bobbin whorl.

Hi Cyndi
I think I understand what you are saying. Will give it try in the morning.
So I will find a sturdy piece of string to make into a eight and give it a go.
Just wondering why the old band was single. That is how I got it.
Thanks for your time.