New Here


I have only knit hats. Just your basic k2p2 watch cap. My sons appreciate them. Have never knitted anything for DH and am knitting the Fiber Trends Felt Clogs for him using the new pattern.

I must confess, when I read this forum, I feel that I have no business knitting. I don’t have the kind of mind that is required to be a good knitter. BUT, once I understand what I need to do, I never forget it.

That being said, I don’t understand how to join the soles for the clogs. My clog with sole & upper attached have no needles attached, as shown in the photo on the pattern–I may have made a mistake by removing the needles. I have just knit the outer sole and the needles are attached. Could someone guide me through how to do this? :???: (I could fill the page with these little guys…)

Thanks in advance…

I haven’t made the clogs so I don’t know the answer unfortunately.

I will say that I’m sure you have a fine mind. You just need to stretch a bit and do new things. That’s how we learn. Reading the forum helps a lot, too! Welcome to Knitting Help! :thumbsup:

You’ve gotten this far in the pattern so I’m sure you can get past this part too. Can you post a link to the pattern or give the URL if it’s online?
And welcome to knitting help!

It is so good to stretch the mind! Sorry, no link to pattern–from all of the other posts I have read about the clogs, it seems there are many who have made them and I was hoping someone who has done so or who has the pattern in their possession would have rolled by and noticed this post.

I have spent too much time reading others issues and concerns regarding the knitting of the FT Felt Clogs, time to move on to other things. I enjoyed the reading; this is an informative site. I was on a roll and wanted to continue… It seems as though I’ll have to head down to my LYS to get help, today.

Thanks… sort of!:slight_smile: