New here and can anyone help with this question?

[size=18]Hello, I’m a new member here and am so glad to have a forum to ask other knitters some questions. I am a stay at home mom of a 5yo boy and a 20 month old girl so going to the local yarn shop for help is quite an ordeal. And, since I am the only person I know that knits - well, you get the picture. :doh:

Okay, so here is my current dilema, when a pattern says WS or RS, is the side on my LH needle the side I am working on or is it the product that is going over to my RH needle the side I am working on? My husband and I have read all sorts of explanations and he thinks the side you are working on is the side facing you on the left hand needle when you start a new row. I think it is the product of your stitching that is facing away from you on your right hand needle. Ugh! :??

Can any expert knitter out there help us?? Thanks so much for taking time to read this!!


The right side is the one that will be facing `out’ when worn. A lot of patterns will tell you the 1st row you work will be on the RS, and the next row is the WS, but sometimes the 1st row is the WS. It doesn’t matter which needle the work is on, but which side the pattern stitch shows.


I always take the RS to mean it is the side that’s going to be seen. When you decide this, put a safety pin on that side because it’s going to be worked on both left and right needle and it’s going be be both away from you and facing you, Hope this helps.


Thanks so much but I guess I didn’t ask my question very well. I’ll try again. I am working on a bag in ST st and the pattern tells me to work until the piece measures 16 inches and end with a Right Side row. Does that mean the last row I knit is when the smooth side of the bag (right side) is facing me (i.e. on my left needle) while I work or when the smooth side of the bag is produced onto the right needle?

I wouldn’t worry about it so much, but I need to start a color change chart at just the right time and now I can’t figure out what “ending” on a certain row is - I wish the pattern would just number the rows!!!

Thank you again so much for reading me post. I really appreciate all the help I can get - I need it!!


I always take ‘end with a RS row’ to mean finish having just worked a RS row. This means that in your case, working stockinette stitch, you will end having just worked a knit row (the smooth side).

End on means to do this row
row 1 right side row or smooth side of bag(do this row)
row 2 wrong side(start your color change row)
Hope this helps

When you `end on’ a RS row, you’ll have finished a knit row. For this pattern.


THANKS SO MUCH!!! All the comments have helped me so much to get passed this silly issue. Now, I actually have to start the pattern - EEK!

Again, thanks everyone and happy knitting!!
Anna :cheering: