New Harmony needles

I received my new Interchangeable Harmony needle set in the mail yesterday. IT was free shipping and fast delivery too.:woohoo:

They are so smooth and I LOVE how they feel. I think I will like them even more than my Denise set.

I used them today and I noticed I had to every so often tighten them on to the cord. I knit Continental style and that means a lot of wrist action. So I can see how they would want to get loose. So I’ll just check them every few rows. :knitting::knitting:They are so PRETTY too.

For xmas I will ask for more of the dpn’s since I only got one set of those.

Are you using the little key in the hole by the join to tighten them?

Oooh, I’m jealous! I ordered them too, and should get them any day now!

where did you order them?

I do have the tiny key but I just don’t see how that works or even helps. It fits in the little hole but then what do I do? Do I turn it in there like a key…seems like an odd key.

I got them from Knit Picks.

After you screw the needle point on and hand tighten it, put the key through the hole, hold the two ends and turn it to tighten further. Like an anchor wrench.

you’re using the little key as leverage to tighten the join a bit more.