New Fricke / Used Minstrel

I am still shopping around for a wheel. I had narrowed my choice down to the Fricke dt (thank you to whoever suggested it!) But then I saw a used Krominsky Minstrel online. Both have a good range of ratios - but the Minstel is a double drive with scotch tension and the Fricke is just a single. Also the Minstrel is pretty! But is pretty really a good reason to buy a wheel? In either case I DO have to stick to budget.

Anyone have any thoughts on what would be a better wheel for a beginner? I really dont anticipate being able to upgrade my wheel very soon (for years in all likelyhood) so I want to make sure I get a wheel that can grow a bit with my needs. Unfortuneately I can not try out either before purchase.

Comments appreciated!

I saw you also posted on the KR spinning forums - I think you’ll get a better response there. I don’t have any experience with either wheel. One thought, though. If you buy a new Fricke, it will probably have a warranty and you’ll get support, if you need it, from the maker. Not so with the used Kromski.
Chances are good with either wheel that if you really hate it, you can sell it for near what you paid for it.

I bought a Fricke when I started off & i’m REALLY happy with it!
It’s a simple, no nonsense wheel on which you can spin just abt anything.
Good luck deciding.

I DID get the fricke. I think it was a good choice :smiley:
The minstrel had already sold by the time I decided to go ahead with it! :roflhard:

Great! :thumbsup:
Oil it occassionally & it shall stand you in good stead :smiley: