New England-Style Boiled Mittens - HELP!

I had a knitting pattern I was absolutely in LOVE with. It used to be posted on The Ewe Tree. I can’t remember what the pattern title was, but in the body of the text, she said “these are typical New England-style boiled mittens.” I printed it out, of course, but one of my four kids probably drew, painted, spit up, ripped, spilled something on, or made a paper airplane out of it. It isn’t anywhere to be found. Having made SEVERAL pairs of mittens from it, you’d think I’d have it committed to memory by now, but those four kids? Killed a great deal of my brain cells. I joined this knitting community JUST because I figured i’d have a chance of running into another knitter who had seen or saved this pattern. It’s very important for me to find it, or one similar to it. ANY leads, please feel free to contact me. I did try to contact the Ewe Tree bunch, but no response. Help!!! Thanks in advance!!!

I don’t see anything by that name, but here’s some felted mittens which are probably similar. Unless the ones you had were a detailed pattern.

Thank you SO much, but I’m really interested in finding this exact pattern. I’ve searched the internet myself, but the pattern is quite definitely gone. Thanks again,

Oh okay. I searched the forum and the pattern was mentioned once before…a few years ago. The person who mentioned it is still a member so you might try to contact her. It was blueeyes28.

ETA: according to this site (scroll down) the pattern was in Yankee Magazine Feb 1983.

It looks like this is the magazine, but I can’t be sure.

I have the pattern for Boiled New England Mittens that was in Yankee magazine and would be happy to send it to you. Let me know. The pattern is for men’s medium mittens but with some minor calculations you can make whatever size you want.

I’ve been looking for that very pattern! I was talking to someone just today who was telling me about it–and she can’t find it, either! I am a new member of KnittingHelp, and would appreciate it greatly if you would send the pattern to me, too.

Thanks in advance–


Did you ever get a response to your question? I’m looking for the same pattern–it was recommended to me by a friend–who had also lost it!


I would love to have this pattern! I’m on a mitten kick right now!

I just joined today ! I have been looking for the felted mitten pattern, too. It would be great if you’d send it to me. Thanks! Lyn

[B][COLOR=Blue]Jenny[/COLOR][/B] - If you have one of the mittens you knit in the past could you post a picture?

Thank You