New & don't understand this increase

I’m stuck. I’ve read this over and over again but just don’t get it.
I’m working on my first baby bonnet. Started with the strap… next to shape hat…
Increase Row
Inrease Row 2
New row :K5p4k5
Inrease Row 3: knit to first marker, m1-r,sm,k2,m1-l, k2,m1-l,knit to next marker, sm, m1-l,knit to end-20sts. (done up to here) [B]Work even for 1 row,working inc sts in St st.[/B]
What does this later part mean? pearl a row? then what? what is "working increase sts in St st mean?
Any help please

Work even means to continue the stitch pattern that was set up before, except the new sts will be in stockinette st - knit if on the RS, purl if on the WS.