New Directions in Knitting

Does anyone have this book? It is by House of White Birches. If so has anyone knitted any of the patterns? If you have, I have a question on a few of them! I bought this book on line because I thought it would show how to do new ways of knitting. But instead it just has sweater patterns. The instructions on all of them are where you knit from one cuff to the other, or side to side, or start at the shoulders and knit to the waist, instead of knitting from the bottom up. :help:

Sorry about the bad luck on the book!!!

I’m working on my first top down sweater, and while it it pretty monotonous, I think i’m going to love not having to sew the pieces together. I really want to try a side to side pattern and I’ll be buying one of those soon.

What sort of question do you have? It may be a relatively generic question that we can answer even though we don’t have the book.

Well I haven’t started any patterns yet because I read through the directions first, but it says to shape the neck to add another ball of yarn and working both side at once. This sweater pattern says to knit the front & back panel first then shape the neck. I understand the rest of the pattern, but working with 2 balls of yarn at the same time, :?? That is where I get confused.

What they’re telling you to do is to use a different ball of yarn for the part of the sweater that goes up to your shoulder on the left than you do for the right.

that way you can have both shoulder pieces on your needles at one time, do a row on one side of the neck opening, drop that yarn pick up yarn from the other ball, do a row on the other side of the neck, turn your work and do it again. This way both pieces on either side of the neck will be the same length (have the same number of rows). And you use the two balls of yarn so you can do this.

Does that make sense?

Yes it does!!! I read the pattern again after I read your help tip and now I understand it. Thank you VERY VERY much!! :smiley: