New chicago knitting store

Hey all you Chicagoans…

I ran across this on a blog today: Loopy Yarn opened in the south Chicago loop last week. The address is 719 S. State Street

I am SURE you all already know about it, but just in case :slight_smile:

She also posted some pics of the store HERE

I did NOT know about that…will have to tell DBosses dtr who lives within WALKING distance, the STRUMPETFLOOZYHARLOT!

Wouldn’t that be great…walking distance of a yarn store? I’d become a STRUMPETFLOOZYHARLOT to be able to do that!

Guess you weren’t sleeping last night either??? :verysad:

I live within walking distance of my lys! Ouch! Quit throwing stuff at me!





:shock: But soon there’ll be 8 feet of snow on the bridge over the creek! I’m gonna have to buy snowshoes!

yeah, yeah, that will make it harder, blah, blah, blah…STILL within walking distance though!

In MY day we used to walk to our LYS’s UPHILL, in the SNOW, BAREFOOT, BOTH WAYS!

We LIKE “Strumpetfloozyharlot”, do we??

Nope - wasnt sleeping last night…was up from 2-something til 5:45. :frowning:

Aww, KK, all teasing aside, I am sorry for your insomnia. When DH worked out of town, I never really got more than a couple hours a night.

That said–
Maybe you should take a nap while I trot on over to my LYS! :lol:

And we do like STRUMPETFLOOZYHARLOT a great deal! But is it wise to refer to your boss’ daughter as such when your board member may be lurking around? :hiding: Oh, that’s right, she knits. She HAS to be cool. :lol:

I LOVE LOVE LOVE my bosses dtr…she would understand and invite me to “strumpate” right along with her! :lol:

yep, I am quite fond of STRUMPETFLOOZYHARLOT…I plan on working it into conversation as much as possible!

I was up last night too! Slept on the *&&^%(! surgery shoulder wrong on Wed. night and it never worked itself out all day. I tried to go to bed but it was impossible to be comfortable. HATE it when I don’t sleep! I would go nuts if I had insomnia on a regular basis.

That blog belongs to two of my favorite knitting friends :heart: If you scroll down you can see a picture of the yarn I bought at the Wisconsin FiberFest :smiley:

They all work in the city so this shop is a bonus for them and makes me a bit jealous because I haven’t been there yet and can’t join in the lunchtime fun.

If I lived within walking distance of a nice LYS, I’d have to learn to walk everywhere since I’d end up having to sell my car to pay my yarn bill. :rollseyes: