New at knitting

Can you do purling on cirrcular needles?

If you mean when you’re knitting in the round, certainly you can. Bring the yarn to the front, just like when you purl knitting on straight needles. However, for knitting in the round, to get garter stitch you alternate a knit and purl round, for stockinette, you knit every round. Ribbing and seed stitch work the same.

I’ve been doing knitstich for the whole pattern. It calls for garterstich. How do you aternate from purl to knit please explain more in detail. Thanks

Well first, are you knitting in the round, or just knitting back and forth with circular needles? That’s important to know.

If knitting in the round, work one round of knit stitch, then at the end (you should have a marker on the needle so you know when you get there) move the yarn to the front of your work [I]through[/I] the needle tips, not over it, then purl one round till you get to the marker again. Then move the yarn to the back through the tips and knit one round.

If you’re knitting back and forth, just knit every row and that makes garter stitch. You may want to look at the videos on the Advanced Techniques page for knitting in the round, and the ones on the Purl stitch.

Iam knitting back and forth using cirrcular needles.

Okay then, just knit every row for garter stitch. Look at the purl video if you want to practice purling; at the start of the row, move the yarn to the front of the needle and wrap the yarn around as shown in the video. If you purl every row you get garter stitch to, so if you want all the knits on one side and the purls on the other, you knit one row, purl one row, knit the next row and so on, alternating a knit row with a purl row.