Ness Tam

My Ness Tam is finished - during tax season no less (I am a tax preparer) - this project has helped to keep me sane during a very taxing (pun intended) tax season. Combined with a daughter having her gall bladder removed, another having her first baby (my first grandchild, Abby) and whatever else is going on, this yarn and needles thing is what has kept me grounded and sane. Thanks to you all who answer questions without hesitation and with great grace.IMG_1348


The tam looks marvelous. Enjoy wearing it and spending time with your family (especially Abby). Well done!

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Beautiful tam! I feel for you! I only do tax returns for family, but I have several small business client I work with year ‘round and prepare their books for the tax preparer. January is horrible with 1099s and W-2s, etc.! I’m still waiting on answers from several. Family can’t plan around it! LOL! I pray your daughter is doing well! You will survive. Only a few weeks until the first deadline!

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Everyone is doing fine, thank you! I’m absolutely certain knitting has saved my sanity and will continue to do so. After an 11 hour day, I wound 7 hanks of Bad Sheep Wildflower Patch and cast on for a lovely cardigan. Am I tired? yup, I am, but happy.

Thank you for the thoughtful note; it’s greatly appreciated!



I would have gone straight to bed! It’s great to “unwind” first though!



Lovely Tam. Great colours.

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Thank you, Marg 123!