Ñeefke point protectors

Hello everyone! I am so glad you are all here! I am on a desperate for needlepoint protectors that actually stay on the needles. I gave tried all the "regular ones - the most common but even though I am knitting with a size 7 needle, they keep falling off! One night last week, I came across an old package of steel crochet comfort cushions with exactlyvtwo left in it. I tried using those and they are perfect. Since I only gave the two, I searched online for more, but cannot find the kind I have. Any input would be great I y appreciated!

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Do you know the manufacturer of the steel crochet comfort cushions? It might help to see a photo of them, just so we know what to look for.
Are you working with straight or circular needles? I have a knitting buddy who loves these holders for circular needles.

I just wrote a reply and managed to delete it before sending. I have not been able to find any pictures online of the crochet hook grips I have, but if you search “comfort grip crochet hook cushions”, you will see some like the ones I have. But wait, even better, I found what appears to be an even better product advertised in Issue 10 of Noro magazine. They are cylindrical foam pieces that slip all the way onto the needles. I haven’t learned yet how to add a link here or add a picture, buy if you go to www.cocoknits.com and look in the tools section you will see them. There is one set for small needles and another set for large needles. I am placing an order today and will anxiously await their arrival. I will send an udate ASAP. If anyone could help me learn how to add links and pics to my posts, I would be very appreciative!

Glad you found something that will work! The foam stitch savers look very useful. Maybe these:
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Thanks so much for your help! I will let you know what think of the protectors from Cocoknits as soon as they come in. I am excited about their potential.

Greetings from Louisville KY! I received my point protectors from Cocoknits today and I am just thrilled with them! They absolutely will not fall off no matter how much I pull the work against them. They are definitively worth every penny. If you are in need, I could not recommend them more highly. Have a wonderful stitching day!

I wanted to let everyone know I have received my point protectors order from Cocoknits.com today and I am just thrilled with my purchase. The 18-piece set was a total of roughly $15, half if whivh was postage, but niw that I have them, I dont mind the high postsge charge. They come in a resealable paper “bag” which is convenient. But the real plus is that even though I pulled hard against the protector with my work, the protector did not budge! To some I may sound quite silly going on about something that might seem trivial in our knitting world, but I have many physical limitations, and bending over to pick up items on the floor causes me a fair modicum of pain, so one less thing I have to pick up is important to me. If you are tired of point ptotectors that dont stay on your needles, just visit www.cocoknits.com and look under tools.

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