If the needles are not labeled how do you know what size they are? I ask this because my mom goes to auctions with her boyfriend all the time. She got a box of misc things & in there were some knitting needles. Theres a couple pairs but sounds like most are singles. One circular needle set was a size ‘F’?!

My questions are:
What does the ‘F’ mean?

and Does size matter when it comes to the needles?
I want to do other patterns but I only have those circular ones that came with the hooded baby blanket with matching bootie pattern & needles. (I dont even know what size those ones are)

The easiest way to find the needle size is to use a needle sizer. I use mine a lot of loose needles that either don’t have a size on them or I can’t read it.

You can get them a lot of places including local yarn and craft stores.
Needle sizers

I don’t know what F means in relation to knitting needles… only crochet hooks. :??

Size does matter in knitting, it affects your gauge and end product… do you mean cord length on the circs?

never mind, I was under the impression that my mom had knitting needles, she had crotching needles. something I dont know how to do yet