Needles for Helping Hands


I work in an alternative high school, and we have a Helping Hands group that does community-service projects. Many of our students [I]need[/I] community service hours, and we want them to realize how good it feels to help others.

One of the groups is Knitting for Charity, which at this point is knitting squares to make blankets for the homeless shelter, lap robes for the nursing home, and when they become more accomplished, baby hats and Project Linus blankets.

The interest in knitting has been WAY larger than we anticipated, and though the chopsticks we have been using are good enough to teach, we need more “real” straight needles.

So if you have any, say, size 7 and up straight needles sitting in a drawer somewhere and would be willing to send them to me for our school, we would really, really appreciate it!

Just PM me for my address if you’re interested.

Thank you!!!