Needles... Am I being obsessive?

Since I have now been knitting for almost two years, I have started buying quality needles. I do this in order to spoil 3 people at once. Myself, my daughter, and my granddaughter since I knit mostly for my daughter & or granddaughter.

I have a set of Aero needles sized opposite or the metric way…and I absolutely love them. I have a set of the Denise interchangable needles for when I travel or do the afghans… but what should I get for the American size needles? I have this thing about sets… and would like opinions as to what brand would be best… Also, will I need the shorter length needles? Almost all of mine are the 14". thanks in advance from a newbie…

Unless I’m making something quite small, I’ve taken to knitting everything with circulars whether it’s in the round or flat. The main reason? Addi Turbo. Slick, fast and durable–guaranteed for life, too.

Circs as flat are also convenient for bringing knitting with you since you never forget the second needle, the stitches can be slid to the cord to keep them from popping off, and for me, I avoid dropping a needle when it’s supposed to be quiet.

I won some of the Aeros from an eBAY auction about 2 years ago, and I really love them. They knit really well, and I too, like Ingrid knit with circulars everytime I can because those old long 14" needles just bother my arms to use them. However–I’d LOVE to have a set of Denises—I have the Boye set and the cables are really stiff to me. I hope I’ll get enough money by Christmas to get a set of Denises…BUT there’s yarn money I could be usin’! :smiley:

I’m one of those too that basically only uses circular needles. I haven’t used my straights in a long time… I use DPNs for socks and arms… and if I have something small to make that will fit on DPNs I just use them. Now the straights seem to get in my way… I have both the Boye and Denises… the Denises are my favorite to use… I have couple of the turbos and they are the best I think… :thumbsup:

:smiley: I’m an addi addict, too! I love my Denise set, but it rarely comes out :wink: