Needlepoint anyone?

I’m sure someone out there does needlepoint (some call it tapestry). You know where you cover the whole surface of the canvas, usually in wool or thick cotton?
I haven’t done it for 20 years. I’m going to order a kit which measures 15" by 11". It’s actually a street scene by LS Lowry, who did paintings of northern England.
My question is this: what kind of frame should I order? I can’t use an embroidery frame and it seems I should use a square/rectangular frame which holds the whole piece taut. But there are so many of them! There are plastic clip-ons, scroll downs, interchangeable sets etc etc.
Please someone tell me what is best!

I have a stand that holds both a frame and a scroll…think I bought it at a local craft store. Personally - I couldn’t stand sitting over the stand b/c it was too short for me and forced me to sit uncomfortably on the edge of my chair - rather than curling up in my recliner. I ended up using a smaller frame and just taking the frame off while I wasn’t working on the project.

Because needlepoint yarn is so much heavier than embroidery thread most of the round ones designed for embroidery (two circles, one of which fits inside the other with the cloth between) won’t work. I had a rectangular wooden one with rods at the ends, one of which had a screw for turning. You could roll the cloth as you finished working an area and get to the next unworked area. It worked extremely well, but was slightly awkward to hold. The same thing but in a smaller size would have been perfect, but not large enough for what I was doing. I would recommend that style, however. I haven’t done needlepoint for several yeas, so don’t know if there is anything better available now.
Good luck.

I also do some cross stitch and use these frames. I think they’d be good for needlepoint, too.

I would love to learn how to do that, but I am not even sure where to start!

I love doing needlepoint. I bought my roll frame from Joann Fabrics. ACMoore sells them too. I used a coupon and savee money on it. I buy most of my needlepoint kits from Ebay. They have a BIG assortment.

i would love to do this too! anyone have good websites I could look at different kits, etc?

I love the Q Snap frame! I bought one, many years ago, when I used to work at a quilt store. I never did needlepoint, but, I did a lot of cross stitch, quilt blocks, and the Q Snap frame worked great.

I’d recommend the Q snap frame, too, though a scroll frame might be a good 2nd choice. Generally, though, needlepoint canvas is pretty stiff, and might not roll nicely around the scroll frame pieces.

As far as looking for websites with materials, I’d start with also has some nice things, but the nicer needlepoint canvases are really pricey - and that’s what they carry.

I’ve used embroidery hoops (the ones with screws) and quilting hoops, but you’re supposed to removed the hoop after you’re finished stitching for the day. I don’t like the frame that you roll as much. You don’t have to use a hoop or frame (a friend didn’t and she didn’t have much distortion), but the blocking will be difficult if your needlepoint ends up like mine. A lady that has done the most beautiful work that I have ever seen used a stand so you can make your stitches “properly” (using both hands).

I hope you post a photo of your canvaswork when you’re finished! Good luck!

Funny, I was just staring at a book yesterday thinking I’d like to buy it… on needlepoint. I’ve been meaning to try it for some time, thought it might be a nice break from knit knit knitting. My sisterinlaw does some really nice needlepoint,she showed me a BELT she did at Christmas, it was green with red strawberries, she was sending it away to be put on leather. Unusual and really pretty. That scene you’ve chosen sounds nice, you’ll have to show a picture. Think I will look on Ebay and maybe get something going.

Shoot, now I’ve gone and fallen in love with this bunny picture!
I don’t even know how to needlepoint either.
Why is is so expensive! ?

Yes, they are expensive, I know. But then they do give alot of pleasure and I reckon it’s worth it. Actually, I can see why an adaptation of a painting, like I’m going to do, is expensive. Don’t know about bunnies and flowers and things though.
As I live in Italy I usually order stuff from the UK - also 'cos the euro is doing well in comparison! Anyway, I looked around on the net and chose a company which had what I wanted. I then sent them an email describing my problem and they were extremely speedy and helpful. They told me the size of the frame I would need to work the chosen piece (it’s a clip-on frame with a roller).
And no, it wasn’t the most expensive they had!

I just looked at your bunnies. That IS expensive. My canvas is slightly bigger and much more complicated and I’m paying 20 euros (25 dollars).

If you get into hand-painted canvases, they can run over $100. The bunny one isn’t too bad for a canvas that size. Needlepoint and cross-stitch aren’t really that much cheaper than knitting. I can pay $80 for materials for a good-sized cross-stitch design.

Glad you found the frame… I’ve been looking at them too even though I’m not ‘into’ this yet! I happen to love rabbits, they’re all over my house so of course I fell in love with an expensive rabbit picture. I can understand why materials would be as much as knitting though, it is something that will last a long time and is beautiful.

I’m doing the Street Scene (well, I will be).
Do you know Lowry’s paintings? He lived in Manchester and painted northern industrial scenes. I come from that area so I identify with them.

Oops, I see that link doesn’t take you straight there. However, ignore the log-in, click on needlepoint and then put Lowry into the tapestry search box. Sorry.

I just love doing needlepoint but I don’t like to work on printed canvas, I prefer charted dieigns. There are books at your library with instructions and patterns that can get you started.
The only problem is finding the blank canvas and yarn. I happned to see some 10mesh available at Joanns and there are sites on the internet for the yarn. Be careful, this is just addictive as