Needle storage

I have had a bright idea about needle storage that I have never seen anywhere. Is there a place to bring such an idea to market?

I would formalize your plan, make a model with instructions and materials used, name it, and make sure you have dated proof to show you’re the originator of the product BEFORE showing or discussing it with anyone.

Then once you’ve done that, post your business here, and your product here.

I may be interested if it’s better than the Mason jars I currently use for my straights. :teehee:

This is what all my years of knitting have brought me to. It’s the first time all my knitting supplies are in the same place! DPNs are in a second row of pockets as well as scissors, long stitch holders, and a few other things. Circular needles are stacked in the middle portion of the basket topped with a box containing tapestry needles, markers, needle tips, tape measure, etc.

Judy D

I hate to divulge the idea, because if I could market it, that would be better, but it may just be too much trouble to do so. I think my idea is better than the basket, though I like that too.

Even if you don’t want to manufacture and sell the product yourself, you might be able to sell the rights to your design. Have you considered approaching a store like Knitpicks? Even if they’re not interested, they might be able to give you more direction on how to proceed.

Thanks – I don’t know them, but I’ll give it a try.