Needle storage (specifically KnitPicks Harmony set)

I got the KnitPicks Harmony wooden interchangeable needle set, and I really like the needles! I’m not a fan of the case, though. Does anybody have clever suggestions for an alternative case or storage method? I kind of like the look of the case they give with the nickel set, but I’m wondering what other choices there are.

If you have the options case all you have to do is buy extra pockets for you needles. If not, you can buy the options case seperate too. Does that answer your question.

I have both the Harmony and the Options cases and much prefer the Harmony case - it certainly isn’t “luxurious” but I think it holds the needles better (I keep both the Option tips and the Harmony tips in it). I labeled each “slot” with the needle size, and use the sleeves from the Options case to hold the cables, by size, and put those in the center of the Harmony case. It isn’t perfect, but I found the Options case too bulky. I’ll be interested to see if anyone else has better suggestions for storage options too :thumbsup:

I would suggest buying the boye needlemaster case on their site you can buy it as a replacement part:thumbsup: it is only $20 bucks and has all the sizes engraved on the slots. I love it and as soon as I get extra$ I am going to order myself one for my knitpicks too:wink:

Thanks for the suggestions! the Boye case looks interesting.

chrislt8, what do you mean by “bulky” exactly? Too thick? I like the idea of a “notebook” style solution. Hmm… I’ll keep looking.

Yes, I found it “thick” and that it just took up too much room in my knitting bag. The Harmony case is much slimmer in overall dimension. Actually, I find it works pretty well - just wish it wasn’t quite so “plastic” :slight_smile:

Yeah, the “plasticyness” doesn’t appeal to me either, but what I really don’t like is the length. If it somehow folded up into half the length I’d be much more positive about it.

It will be fine for now… I’ll see what I can come up with that I like better.

Well, if the length of the Harmony case bugs you I don’t think you would like the Options case - its overall dimensions are quite a bit larger. Keep us posted if you find an alternative you really like - as I said, I am still looking :slight_smile:

Hmm, the KnitPicks site says the “notebook” one is a couple inches taller (roughly) … but also a couple inches narrower … than the “plastic” one. (7¼" x 8 7/8" x 2" vs. 10.5" x 5.75" x 2") Definitely a tradeoff. Maybe I’ll have time to do some exploring of other choices over the Christmas break…