Needle Sizing question~2.75mm?

I have a ankle sock pattern that requires 4dpn, size 2.75mm. I have a needle guage but it doesn’t have a 2.75mm size on it. It has 2 3/4 (knitting needle size 2) and the next size is 3 1/4mm (knitting needle size 3).

So what do I do? I have size 3 needles but not size 2 yet, which should I go with? and IS there a 2.75mm?? Obviously my math is not that great between fractions and mm and I’m going back to college this year, I can’t imagine what they will think of me. :crying:

April in SC

2.75mm is the same as 2 3/4mm, just in decimals, not fractions. Find a size 2 that also says it’s 2.75 or 2 3/4mm. Some are 2.5 mm and that would be too small.


And since needle size isn’t the only issue, you may have to swatch with both to see what gets you the proper gauge.

I told my DH that I thought it was the same but he said he didn’t think so, then I felt all unsure and wanted to check, it was really messing with my head today. Thank you so much for the reply!! :smiley:

April in SC