Needle sizes

I just said I was going to do me time knitting but I have been trying to sneak in a project for one of my sons. I found an old knitted vest pattern. It has all the pockets especiallly for a pocket watch. Really planning in advance for the next Christmas. The pattern calls for two size number 8 and 11 Beehive needles. This really dates the pattern but it is just what he wants. So the question is what size needles from the US are equivalent to the size 8 and 11 Beehive needles?

I’ve never heard of Beehive needles. Did you google?

I did and they are British needles. Someone said they ar the same as ours but I know they are no equivalent in size to ours.

After much more extensive research , I found that Beehive needles is a brand of Patons knitting needles way back. Therefore the bigger the number the smaller the needles. I did find a chart

Interesting! I would also keep in mind the yarn gauge you are using.

8 and 11 are 4mm and 3mm respectively :slight_smile: