Needle Size?!

Hi there everyone!
I know this is a long shot but Im really stuck.
I received these dark wood needle’s ( pic attached ) They don’t have the size on them.
Can anyone tell what size I have here?

The green card attached to the light ones says US 50. Test the other one in the sizer and see if it fits.

You could also try measuring the diameter of the needle.

If you have a cloth tape measure you can try measuring the circumference of the needle and dividing by 3.14 to get close to the diameter (high school geometry does come in handy sometimes!).

Ok I don’t know why Im not getting it - maybe lack of sleep -sorry!

So I measured around the needle and it is 2.5 inch OR 7 cm

7 / 3.14 = 2.23
2.5 / 3.14 = 0.80

So why am I not figuring out the size of this needle? lol
( P.S Im feeling very stupid over this, again sorry and thank you for your help!! )

Thank you! :slight_smile:
That’s why I put the light one beside so you could see the difference in sizing.
The dark needle is too big to put into the sizer unfortunately.
Im hoping this darker needle is US 35 but im thinking it maybe smaller.

So 70mm or 22.3mm size needle. If you scroll down in the link I posted, there’s a conversion table. 22mm is between a 35 and a 50. Unless it’s a custom made needle, I’d guess it’s probably a 35.
Can you use it to knit a gauge swatch for your project?