Needle Size


I’m knitting a jumper for my girlfriend but the pattern says to use DK yarn. It also recommends using 6.50mm needles on the pattern but the DK wool yarn I’m using says to use 4.00mm needles. Which one do I use? I’d like to use aluminium needles also but should I use something else? The pattern used straight pointed needles in case anyone was wondering.


Can you give us a pattern name and a link to it if possible? Don’t post the pattern here because of copyright issues. Also tell us the yarn you chose to use.

You need to a gauge swatch to figure out what needle size to use so your gauge/tension matches the pattern. Everyone knits differently so it’s hard for anyone to just tell you what to use.

Hi Tyler,

Unfortunately, you’re going to have to make a couple swatches! It can be tedious work, but it’s essential to get a well-fitting garment. Try knitting a square at least 4"x4", block it, and measure to see how many stitches per inch and rows per inch you get. Repeat with different needle sizes until you get the gauge that the pattern specifies. Good luck!

Could you please explain what you mean by that? My knitting knowledge extends as far as a scarf.

When you knit a garment unlike a scarf, you want to be sure of the size you end up with. Gauge is the way that you determine the size of the sweater by figuring out how many stitches/inch you get with your yarn and needles. The gauge given in a pattern is the determined by the designer with his or her yarn and needles. The recommended needles on the yarn ball is for an average knitter. So you need to knit about a 5"x5" square and measure sts across the middle 4".
Here’s some tutorials (see Gauge about 2/3 of the way down the page) and a video that may help.

One more thing I should ask, what’s the best yarn to use for it? Price isn’t the issue, I’m looking for the best possible yarn to get. It says in the pattern to use double knit and I need it in a bright pink and potentially black. If anyone can tell me the best yarn type to use (such as wool or alpaca) and maybe even the best brand to buy it from, that would help a lot. Thanks

The yarn really depends on personal preference. If you like the look of the pattern photo, the best bet is to look for a source of that yarn. I notice that Loveknitting has a very low supply but other companies may have more. Google the yarn name and see what you can find.
Another good resource is They are wonderful at finding comparable yarns.