Needle size; yarn type; circular needles; infinity scarf

Hi. I’m new at knitting so I have a few questions. :slight_smile:

Firstly, I would like to buy circular needles to do infinity scarves. I do not know whether to buy needles that are 10mm or 12mm thick (I would like to work with thick wool and make bulky scarves but without huge holes).
I do not know which length of the wire I should buy. If I take, for example, 100 cm (40 inches) can I make smaller scarfs and hats on that or should I buy another circular needles with shorter wire for that?

Secondly, what kind of yarn and how much yarn do I need for scarf like this?

And what size needles?

Thirdly, how can I make infinity scarf using regular straight needles? Should I saw it at the end with regular thread and needle or should I use yard thread andyarn needle? Link to a tutorial or video would be great :wink:

Thank you very much,and sorry for so many questions :muah:

Hi there.

A 40" is pretty long and you can’t do smaller things with it except for flat knitting, so I’d suggest something about 32" long. You can make hats with that if you use the magic or single loop techniques.

The scarf you linked to looks like bulky yarn and the 10mm needles should do just fine, 12 mm is pretty thick. The pattern looks like seed stitch.

Yes, you can do an infinity scarf with straight needles and sew the ends together. You would do that with yarn and a tapestry type needle, or you can do a provisional cast on (a temporary one you take out) and either graft the ends together or do a 3 needle BO.

Thank you for your answer :wink:

I think I will try to make my infinity scarf with with yarn and a tapestry type needle because I don’t know how to do the other methods,and this one seems the easiest :wink:

Sometimes the easiest way to get started is to find a pattern you like. There are bunches on Ravelry and at Knitting Pattern Central or at the various yarn manufacturers’ sites. Even a search on Google will turn up some patterns. Here are a few that might give you some ideas. They use different patterns and a range of needle sizes.
Good luck with your scarf!

Thank you for the links, I will definitely check them out :wink:

I only made one scarf and it was with 8mm needles, only knit pattern so I would like to do now something with purl as well. I was thinking of using 10mm needles, bulky yarn and ribbed pattern (2 rows knit 2 rows purl). And then in the end saw the ends together :smiley:

I changed my mind and bought circular 10mm needles 32" long. Can anyone tell me how many stitches should I cast on for circular scarf that I can put twice around my neck using bulky yarn?

And are these seed stitches? :mrgreen: :knitting:

And what
6 stitches and 12 rows = 4 inches in Seed Stitch

Looks like seed stitch. The best way to figure out how many sts to cast on is part of the answer to you next question.
6 stitches and 12 rows = 4 inches in Seed Stitch"
You should do a gauge swatch using your yarn and needles. Cast on about 10-12sts and work in seed st pattern for about 5-6 inches. Then measure how many sts you get over 4 inches. Usually you would change needle size to get to the pattern gauge of 6sts per 4 inches but for a scarf like this, you can just cast on the number of sts you’ll need for the size you want based on the number of sts you get per 4 inches.
Take a scarf you have and wrap it around your neck the way you would like the infinity scarf to wrap and then measure how many inches long (or wide) the scarf is. Use that for your infinity scarf size. (Your pattern probably also gives you these measurements.)

To do seed stitch in the round it works better if you have an odd number of stitches. How many sts depends on how many per inch you get in a sample, times how long do you want it.

Ok, so I do a swatch with yarn and needles that I want and measure how many stitches I have in 4 inches and then I calculate how many stitches i want for my desired length. I think I understand.
Thank you :wink:

I got my 32" 10mm circular needles and I wanted to do long circular scarf.
My yarn is Mima. This is the picture of my yarn and the started project.

I’m doing k3 p3. The problem is the length of the scarf. I casted on 138 sts because I was referring to thisscarf.
Now when I started to knit I realized that this would be very short scarf. Did I read something wrong from GAP-tastic Cowl? That lady casted on 131 sts on 9mm needles,so if I casted on 138 sts on 10mm needles shouldn’t my scarf be even longer?

It should, but you may knit tight, or changing the stitch pattern may affect it; the 3x3 is more like ribbing and that would draw it in. How many sts per inch are you getting? Measure that, then divide it into the 138 sts and that should be close to the full size. It may be a bit longer when you get some more length to it which will stretch out the stitches to a longer length.

Is Mima yarn a bulky weight yarn (a class 5 weight on the label)? I couldn’t find the yarn to check. The yarn used in the pattern is Lionbrand Woolease Chunky, a bulky yarn.
If casting on 138sts made sense from the measurement of your gauge swatch, you should be ok. It’s a little difficult to judge the length while the scarf is on the needle. You could take the scarf off the needle by threading the sts onto a good length of scrap yarn and then measure the length or try it on to see if it’s right.

I know I should have measure how many sts per inch i get but I lost my meter so I couldn’t do it. I have to buy another one asap.

The Mima yarn is the thickest yarn that my shop offers and it is quite bad quality. I can’t read anything from the label because it is in Cyrillic and I can’t read Cyrillic (the yarn is from Macedonia).

I will finish this scarf and hope that when I’m done I will have enough length to loop it twice around my neck, and in the future I will always do a gauge swatch before knitting.

With a bulky yarn and size 13s you’re probably getting about 2½ to 3 sts per inch, so for 138 sts that would be at least 46" long to 55" so that ought to work for you. And it may relax a little when you wash it out.

Thank you. I will finish it and for the next one I will firstly make a sample knit.

Does anyone know if $7,36 is too much for Sirdar BIG SOFTIE Wool, and if I buy one yarn can I make shorter scarf? (with needles 10mm or 12 mm)

I don’t know about the price, but one skein of bulky yarn doesn’t have a lot of yardage in it, so you might only be able to make a very short scarf or neckwarmer,.

You can check out a few companies for Sirdar Big Softee prices. Here’s Yarnmarket. But note that it has only 49yds per skein and the scarf you linked to takes about 300yds.

I just wanted to say that my scarf turned out great, and very long, thank you everybody for your help :wink:

My next project is circular scarf with seed stitches. :slight_smile:

Oh, perfect! So glad it worked out so well and thanks for the pictures.