Needle size question


Can someone tell me what “sock needles”, size 13 mean? Is this the same as US #13? I’ve found an old pattern (World War II knitting pattern) and it calls for “sock needles”.


Knitaholic :?

My bet is on double pointed needles, but 13 sounds awfully big for socks. Maybe it’s not American 13, though.

If they were American 13 they certainly wouldn’t be for socks :roflhard: :roflhard: for humans, anyway…lol! I’m sure that there were no US 13 during WW2. If u are using fingering wt (sock yarn) the rule of thumb is US 1-3 (that’s double pointed needles so that you can knit in the round). If you are using any larger wt yarn, the rule of thumb is to use a size or 2 smaller than recommended for that yarn (look on the label). Have fun :smiley: