Needle size query

I am knitting a baby blanket with chunky wool. I have bought the same wool as the brand of the pattern. The pattern calls for 7.5mm needles but the wool says 6mm. I have 6.5mm and 7.5mm needles. Just trying to understand what difference it makes which of the needles I use (eg is it a bigger blanket with the bigger needles but would it spoil the look) and should I go by the pattern or the wool guide?

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The recommendations in the pattern and on the yarn label are just that, recommendations. Since some knitters have tighter tension and some have looser tension, the best thing to do is to knit a swatch with one of the needles. Then you can see if you are close to the pattern tension and importantly, if you like the feel of the knit fabric. You can also try other needle sizes on this tension swatch.

Usually we don’t bother with a tension swatch for scarves and blankets because they don’t have to fit to exact measurements but when in doubt about needle size or fabric drape, it’s a good option.

What is the name of your pattern?

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Many thanks! The pattern is King Cole chunky Babie’s Blankets and I’m doing Knit and Purl Square Blanket

Enjoy working it and please let us see a photo when you finish!